Parents & Guardians

School Uniforms


Navy Blue Pants, White Collar shirt with Full sleeve    


White Hijab, Blue Jumper, White Collar full sleeve Shirt, Navy Blue Pants

Safe and Caring Schools

Imbedded in all FMPSD facilities; Safe and Caring Schools includes: Tribes Learning Community, Anti-Bullying Programs (WITS), Zones of Regulation, Positive Behavioural Intervention & Supports (PBIS), Bus Safety, Crisis Management.

21st Century Learning

The Fort McMurray Public School District is committed to preparing all our learners for the 21st century! Our students are following a pathway designed to support engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit!

The 21st Century Learner will be able to succeed in the world because they will know how to adapt in order to meet the challenges of life - embracing the opportunities of a constantly evolving world and learning competencies such as critical thinking, technology, creativity, and social responsibility.

Inclusive education and success for all will continue to be a target as we help students learn anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

Inclusive Programming

Our philosophy is to ensure that all students with special needs have opportunities to be in the regular classrooms whenever possible.

Speech and Language Programming

Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Educational Assistants provide individual, group and classroom-based interventions that focus on speech and language development for eligible children.

Mental Health Supports

Mental health supports in schools are integrated with services provided through government (Alberta Health, Child & Family Services) and through community agencies. School counselors across the district provide both individual and group interventions that focus on identifying core problem areas and supporting classroom learning.