Bell Schedule

Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.

3:10 p.m.

Bell Schedule Elementary

Time  (Monday-Friday)
8:25am/8:30am Warning Bell/“First Bell”
8:30–9:05am Block 1
9:05–9:35am Block 2
9:35–10:05am Block 3
10:05–10:20am Recess
10:20–10:50am Block 4
10:50–11:20am Block 5
11:20–11:50pm Block 6
11:50-12:10pm Lunch
12:10-12:30pm Recess
12:40pm* Prayer
12:30–1:10pm Block 7
1:10–1:40pm Block 8
1:40–2:10pm Block 9
2:10–2:40pm Block 10
2:40–3:10pm Block 11
3:10pm** Dismissal

*Prayer time will rotate throughout the year, but usually 10 minutes out of the day

**Younger grades will prepare for dismissal prior to 3:10pm

Bell Schedule Junior High

Time Junior High (Day 1, 2, 3)    
8:25am/8:30am Warning Bell/“First Bell”    
8:30–9:15am Block 1    
9:15–9:20am Break***    
9:20–10:05am Block 2    
10:05–10:12am Locker Break    
10:12–10:57am Block 3    
10:57–11:02am Break***    
11:02–11:47am Block 4    
11:47-12:27 Lunch    
12:27-1:15pm Block 5 (Options/P.E.)    
1:15–1:20pm Transition Break    
1:20–2:05pm Block 6     
2:05-2:10pm Transition Break    
2:10-3:10pm Block 7    
3:10pm* Dismissal    

***These breaks are optional for teachers to take