Multiplication Olympics

FMIS held a mini competition for students to strengthen their knowledge in regards to multiplication.  Students from grades 3-6 were quizzed and the top 5 from each class moved on to compete at the school level.  Students were required to not only answer the questions but were timed.  We were blown away by the speed and accuracy at which our students performed. FMIS continues to produce incredibly high academic students. 



 Grade 3

             1st - Raqueeb Ikharia

             2nd -Zarish Khurshed

        3rd - Esraa Youseff


Grade 4

1st - Ali Usman

2nd - Tied between Azka Qamar and Rayane Zackaria

3rd - Shayan Awan


Grade 5

1st - Aliza Ali

2nd - Iyaad Amin

3rd - Umer Usman


Grade 6

1st - Anaya Ali

2nd - Hannan Khan

3rd - Shahmeer Awan