Spelling Bee Results

FMIS had our school-wide spelling bee on Tuesday, January 30th.  We were blown away by the amazing job done by our students.  We had grade 2 children spelling grade 6 words, and grade 4 students spelling grade 8 words.  Our students exceeded all of our expectations.  The spelling bee is meant to be a friendly competition to encourage students to learn spelling words.  Ultimately, as long as all students are learning, everyone wins! 


Spelling Bee Winners 2017/2018



First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Grade 1

Manar Ahmeid

Ibrahim Wasif

Abdullaha Ghias

Grade 2

Zainab Qamar

Hiba Ali

Amina Murshid

Grade 3

Nisreen Salem

Abiha Kashif

Taymiya Nawab

Grade 4

Fajar Kurshid

Alina Babar

Ali Usman

Grade 5

Zoha Akhtar

Aamir Khan

Rameen Faisal

Grade 6

Muhammad Ali Nazir

Shahmeer Awan

Hiba Hassan