Fort McMurray Islamic School

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About Us

Fort McMurray Islamic School provides Alberta Curriculum taught from an Islamic perspective by Alberta Certified teachers.

Quran and Islamic Studies are taught as a  subject area. Islamic principles are evident in all other subject areas. In 2005 FMIS joined the Fort McMurray Public School Board as an alternative program. FMIS offers Islam based education to today’s youth for tomorrow’s leaders.

Our mission is to develop the skills, thinking processes, and concepts while fostering positive, spiritual, social and emotional growth, self-discipline, and ethical and moral values. Facilitating a high level of educational achievement based on Quran and Sunnah and preserving the dignity and values of our children so they may live their lives as true Muslims in this diverse world.  This can be achieved by:

  • Providing a curriculum, which in its basis, direction, and structure, gives manifestation to the Islamic way of life as explained in Quran and Sunnah.
  • Providing Arabic and Islamic Studies that will be taught from an integral part of the curriculum promoting Islamic principles, practices and beliefs.
  • Providing Alberta program of studies as followed in any regular public school.
  • Creating an environment where each student is learning to the best of his/her ability.
  • Providing the best training in the religion and academic education that will foster the development and growth of quality education.
  • Encouraging the development of Islamic attitudes, respect for others, caring, sharing, and tolerance.
  • Encouraging students to think and work independently, cooperatively and learn effective communication skills.


With faith in Allah and determination, we will accomplish a healthy, clean, Islamic climate conducive to learning, leveraging on all possible means that are available to us.  This school over the time should be considered among the top 25 of high academic schools in Alberta.